Comment Policy

Comments are welcomed and encouraged on Homeschoolers Anonymous. We desire to provoke an open dialogue about people’s experiences in conservative Christian homeschooling subcultures — and other homeschooling cultures, too. Really, we want as much dialogue as possible about homeschooling.

As with any website with dialogue, there are some instances where comments on either our Facebook page or blog will be edited or deleted. Those instances include but are not limited to:

  1. Posts containing profanity will not be edited, unless that profanity serves no purpose other than to insult someone else.
  2. Posts containing language or concepts that could be deemed offensive or triggering due to abuse survivors’ experiences will have a trigger warning prefaced to the post.
  3. Ableist, gendered, homophobic, racial, and transphobic slurs will be removed. Using the slurs in a derogatory way towards a person will be deleted. We recognize that using the slurs that have been used against you can be empowering, and will take things on a case by case basis in that regard. Otherwise, using a slur against another person will be edited.
  4. Posts containing victim-blaming will be edited. Telling homeschoolers that their pain and suffering is their fault, or that they cannot blame their parents for their hurt will not be tolerated.
  5. Threats of violence or death will be deleted.
  6. Irrelevant ad hominems, ‘No True Homeschooler’, and ‘Not All Homeschoolers’ will be deleted. (For more information, see: Logical Fallacies List.
  7. This page is not a platform for homeschool parents who were not homeschooled to defend themselves or to talk about how they’re homeschooling correctly or otherwise to protest our stories in an invalidating way. Comments from parents who want to tell us how well they are homeschooling, or that they are not like abusive parents will be deleted. (It’s also not a place for parents to brag about how they can do whatever they want, because the state they are in does not have requirements.) This is a platform for those who were homeschooled, a place of support for survivors to come together and tell their stories.

Discretion will be given to the Editorial Team to decide if content should be edited and published, or not published at all. We will be happy to communicate with you about your story and the problems we find, in the hopes that we can reach an appropriate solution to publish your story.

These rules will not be enforced with a heavy hand. We are not interested in censorship. We simply ask that you phrase your opinions — positive or negative or whatever they may be — in a way that respects everyone’s humanity and life experience. If you violate our comment policy, we will give you a warning; repeated violations may lead to you being banned from our Facebook page and/or blog.

The community coordinators at HA reserve the right to edit or delete any comments submitted to this blog or our Facebook page without notice. This comment policy is subject to change at anytime.

Blog comment note: Your very first comment made on the HA blog requires us to manually approve it. Once your first comment is manually approved, you will be able to henceforth post freely. We will continue to moderate all comments, though, so please… try to be nice.