Christian Homeschool Dads Lust After 17-Year-Old Girl, Get Her Kicked Out of Prom

Clare on the way to homeschool prom. Photo source:

Clare on the way to homeschool prom. Photo source:

By R.L. Stollar, HA Community Coordinator

A 17-year-old homeschool girl, wearing code-appropriate clothing to her homeschool prom, got slut-shamed and kicked out because some middle-aged homeschool dads couldn’t stop ogling her from a balcony.

Hännah Ettinger at Wine and Marble reports today that her sister Clare was recently attending the Richmond Homeschool Prom. The prom has a specific dress code, which you can view here (click image for full-size version):

Screen Shot 2014-05-12 at 9


Clare was excited for this evening. She searched over 6 stores for the perfect dress, eventually finding it at Macy’s. She spent her own money on the dress — money she had been saving up from tip money from work. Not only was it “gorgeous, silver, and sparkly,” it was carefully vetted: “Like a good little homeschooler,” Clare writes, “I made sure that the dress was fingertip length on me; I even tried it on with my shoes, just to be sure.”

Unfortunately for Clare, the night of her much-anticipated homeschool prom didn’t go as planned. She didn’t expect — and understandably so! — that there would be “dads on the balcony above the dance floor, ogling and talking amongst themselves.” These dads were ogling to the point that Clare and her friends felt “grossed out.”

As it turns out, these dads couldn’t be bothered to exercise self-control to keep their eyes and minds off of Clare’s 17-year-old homeschool body. They told one of the prom assistants that Clare’s “dancing was too provocative,” even though Clare hadn’t been dancing, and that she “was going to cause the young men at the prom to think impure thoughts.” The prom assistant then tried to make a different excuse, saying Clare’s outfit wasn’t up to dress code — even though Clare immediately proved it was. After being challenged, the prom assistant called security and refused to let Clare speak to a higher-up.

Security then kicked Clare and her friends out of their own prom, and all because — as Clare puts it — “I was told that the way I dressed and moved my body was causing men to think inappropriately about me, implying that it is my responsibility to control other people’s thoughts and drives.”

Clare’s closing remarks are spot-on:

“Enough with the slut shaming. Please. Goddamn I’m not responsible for some perverted 45 year old dad lusting after me because I have a sparkly dress on and a big ass for a teenager. And if you think I am, then maybe you’re part of the problem.”

Be sure to read Clare’s entire post at Wine and Marble here.

Also: visit Richmond Homeschool Prom’s Facebook page here. Tell them that, maybe next they should be more concerned about grown men creeping on underage homeschool girls than homeschool girls just trying to enjoy their hard-earned prom celebration.

UPDATE, 7:45 pm Pacific Time:

The Richmond Homeschool Prom’s Facebook page has deleted a bunch of comments from people protesting their treatment of Clare. Here are two pages of comments they deleted.

UPDATE, 8:45 pm Pacific Time:

The Richmond Homeschool Prom appears to have deleted their Facebook page entirely.

UPDATE, May 13, 1:25 pm Pacific Time:

Hännah Ettinger has posted an update on Clare on Wine and Marble. View it here.



    This is an article written by a girl that attended this prom refuting this article. She states that Clare was asked to leave for breaking the rules of the prom, but of the total of 9 girls that were asked to leave that night, Clare was the only one making claims like this. The author of this article explains that the dads were on the balcony running the lights and working voluntarily as well as acting as chaperones. They weren’t ogling. And so what if they were talking. Are they suppose to stand completely still and silent for hours? There were 500 students at this prom (yes, 500. Homeschooling is much more prominent than most people realize. 20% of the students in my state are home schooled, and that number is growing), and Clare is the only student claiming any of this happened. Sounds like a spoiled little brat that didn’t get her way, so she decided to ruin a few lives. You people are so gullible.

    • “Women use clothing and actions to attract men all the time, but as Christians and really just as moral people, ladies have a duty to dress in a way that earns respect and doesn’t tempt men and that is what this entire situation comes down to.”

      So it’s a 17-year-olds responsibility to keep men from lusting. Got it! (facepalm)

      • No, Matt – it is your responsibility to treat ALL women with respect and not just as a piece of meat! Personally, I don’t like how revealing a lot of the clothing is today that young girls wear but that is still NO EXCUSE for shaming them because you and other males can’t control your thoughts and/or actions.

      • I totally agree with Matt and disagree with Kathy Mack. I don’t see the need to expose so much skin for a prom. There are pretty descent dresses to wear that earn respect and appreciation as well.

      • I was quoting from the post that Sharpie linked to. My response was sarcastic. That doesn’t always come through on blog comments.

      • Great sarcasm Matt! Kathy Mack ‘jumped the gun’ when she called you out thinking women were ‘just’ a piece of meat! She wants women to show ‘minimal’ skin, like half of their face, only! Talk about a puritan prude! Kathy, DO you know what century this is? Also, No MATTER what women wear, or even IF naked, males should have ‘control’ of their hormones, or ‘lock em up’!

      • Matt, it was clear you were quoting because you used quotes. I’m not sure why Kathy got confused, but it’s not your fault.

      • Yes, it is difficult to get the “tone” of a comment when reading it. Also, My eyesight isn’t what it used to be and so I didn’t see the quotation marks. I don’t know how I missed the last sentence you wrote, Matt but I apologize for “jumping the gun”.

        As for Dan Kistner – it seems like you chose to only read a few words of my comment. I’ll repost part of it so you can read for yourself that I did place the responsibility on the men!

        “Personally, I don’t like how revealing a lot of the clothing is today that young girls wear but that is still NO EXCUSE for shaming them because you and other males can’t control your thoughts and/or action”?

        So, tell me how that comment became this in your mind.
        Dan said: “She wants women to show ‘minimal’ skin, like half of their face, only! Talk about a puritan prude! Kathy, DO you know what century this is”?

        As a “child of the 60’s”, I wore my fair share of miniskirts, halter tops and bikinis. I also have an 18 year old granddaughter who dresses similar to how this young woman was dressed when she goes to dances. It bothers me only because I have witnessed men leering at her since she was 12 years old! Personally, I would rather see teen-aged girls a bit more covered up. They have plenty of time to be a sexy adult woman – when they will have more maturity to handle the letches. The one thing I didn’t say (but you, Dan, seemed to think I did) was that these girls should dress like the women at a Polygamist Compound g or women under the rule of the Taliban.

    • Sharpie, you said a total of 9 girls that were asked to leave the Prom that evening. For WHAT reasons? Does ANYONE have photos from that night, showing how these girls were dressed inappropriately?

      • There were photos on the Prom’s FB page, but they took that page down. The dresses (and girls, I might add!) were positively gorgeous and met their modesty standards. There were a few that were similar in style and length to Clare’s.

      • The article I read before coming to this site said she was the only one who was asked to leave, that the other girls left because they came with her. She was the only one who got a refund be cause she was the only one asked to leave.

    • Several of the girls at the prom said they could tell what color Claire’s underwear was, meaning her dress creeped up. HIGH. Meaning, no she wasn’t following the rules of the the prom, or any public schooled prom, who regularly kicked girls and guys out for poor clothing choices. I’m all about female empowerment; I run girls software camps, I speak out about misogyny on a regular basis, but for everything I know about this situation from all my friends’ children who attended this dance, this was a case of a poorly mannered child, wearing a too short dress, and throwing a fit. I am glad in one tiny way that we take these accusation seriously and are willing to stand up to “lecherous old men” when they appear to want to take our freedoms away, but at the same time, we do have to be investigative as well so we do not shame those who have done nothing wrong, or give in to an equally ugly injustice. Accusations are sometimes just that- and it seems from my view in Va, that this girls is blowing smoke.

      • Bindy; I saw a photo on another site running this same story that demonstrated that her dress was finger tip length or longer. I also read for myself on this site the written dress length requirement of finger tip length. You hearing through someone else that the color of her undies was apparent to those looking does not trump photographic and black and white proof of her side of the story. (Second hand stories are not even admissible in court). And lastly if for the sake of argument her panty color was apparent; why was anyone looking there on her in the first place? Respectful persons look a lady in the face, not the crotch. Your reasoning matches the very reasoning that punished me almost 40 years ago for being molested by a religious institution adult, but failed to punish that adult.

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  • what the hell does this have to do with slut shaming? this about a jealous middle aged woman angry that she isn’t getting more attention.

    • Even if she acted that way they did not show any christian Love. Your post is typical Satan Hate. could have been handled better. I noticed your prideful, arrogance how you helped with the decorations. This explains everything. What goes around comes around.They ruined her prom. She retaliated and ruined some others. BE Careful what you do in life.

    • you just made that up. “jealous middle-aged woman…” that isn’t anywhere in the post, it isn’t anywhere on any site. you decided to blame the woman rather than the men, by making something up.

      • If you read Clare’s message, she talks about it being a middle aged woman who made the big deal about it and kicked her out.

  • Why is no one posting the names of the dads that kicked her out? Or the onsite administrators that allowed it…..

  • I have decided to send you a note regarding Clare’s prom. I wanted to tell you that I helped plan the decorations for it, and therefore, became quite close with the two women director’s during the process. I also was blessed to get to know their families.

    I found out right after Clare left the prom that there had been a problem. The director said that a woman, not man, had seen Clare behaving inappropriately during a dance. Security from the balcony (a man) was contacted to come and ask her to step outside.

    From what I gathered that night, Clare would not allow anyone else to speak. She became extremely argumentative and belligerent. Although they had ongoing concerns about Clare’s dress, her behavior in the hall became the reason she was finally asked to leave.

    Once Clare’s statements were posted in a blog, unknown people began writing on the Richmond Prom Homeschool Facebook page calling the fathers helping in security, perverts, pedophiles, etc. Ultimately, the directors had to close down the Facebook page.

    I remember the director being genuinely disappointed that even one student had to be confronted. There were over 500 students there who didn’t have any problems. Both local and national media have now contacted the head director repeatedly. Her husband was part of security and has now been labeled as a pedophile.

    I am deeply saddened for the wonderful husbands who were called perverts, pedophiles, fundamentalists, and other terms.

    But most of all, I am sad for the two women in charge–caring football moms–who took over the prom this year to help raise money for the Disciple’s Football team.

    • Even if it was a misunderstanding, and men had nothing to do with it, the woman who confronted Clare definitely shouldn’t have reacted the way she did. If Clare’s dress met the dress code, they had no grounds to kick her out. By mentioning “impure thoughts” and all of that, the woman immediately implicated the men, whether they were involved or not.

      If the men were involved, they were definitely extremely perverted and disgusting. If they weren’t, then that woman shouldn’t have involved them and it’s on her.

      Clara admitted in her blog post that she got very angry, and she apologized about it. But the reason she got so angry was because they refused to reimburse her boyfriend and friends who got accidentally involved in the whole incident.

      Regardless of how it all went down, the faculty members were adults, and should’ve been more polite and responsible. And if there were any men involved, they are disgusting.

  • Can anyone fix the screencap comments files that are linked here? When you click it, it says it cannot be displayed because the file contains errors.

    Man, the apologists for the prom dads are all over the place trying to make wrong right.

  • Ronda, methinks you doth protest too much.

  • Ridiculous. An innocent girl is punished because horny dads want to stare at her. Good job.

  • So the story starts with: (“She got slut shamed and kicked out.” The fault belongs to “some middle-aged homeschool dads couldn’t stop ogling her from a balcony”)

    Goes on to say: (“that there would be “dads on the balcony above the dance floor, ogling and talking amongst themselves.” These dads were ogling to the point that Clare and her friends felt “grossed out.”)

    (these dads couldn’t be bothered to exercise self-control to keep their eyes and minds off of Clare’s 17-year-old homeschool body. They told one of the prom assistants that Clare’s “dancing was too provocative.)

    Which leads into a portion of the story posted on another site (“told me that some of the dads who were chaperoning had complained that my dancing was too provocative, and that I was going to cause the young men at the prom to think impure thoughts”)

    And she ends with (““Enough with the slut shaming. Please. Goddamn I’m not responsible for some perverted 45 year old dad lusting after me because I have a sparkly dress on and a big ass for a teenager. And if you think I am, then maybe you’re part of the problem.”)

    Honestly, I don’t need to state my opinion on the story.

    However, we have no proof on whether or not dads were ogling, or doing anything outside of their role; To supervise (and discourage provocative dancing)
    We have no proof that the boyfriend being black had anything to do with the situation.
    However, all parties seem to agree that this girl had a discussion with “Mrs.D” and the girl ended up getting kicked out.

    So why are there endless comments about men who cannot control themselves, Men who are wrong/perverts/rapists, Taliban Americans, Racist individuals, improper religions, etc.

    If you ask me whats pathetic, wrong, and a disgrace, its knowing that there are so many blind (figuratively) and idiotic people who twist innocent stories into elaborate labyrinths of bullshit because they’re either too dumb or too bored to do anything else.

    [] You do realize we rely on each-other to vote for people who will take care of our country and the citizens in it..
    [] We rely on each-other to be there for us in times of need. (neighbors, strangers, families, loved ones)
    [] We have to work together the majority of the time to achieve success for more than a select few.

    Go ahead and provide legitimate examples of how working alone provides better results than working together. Whether or not you believe the bible when it says man (humans collectively) destroy each-other, just read the comments… do you see progress, or ruin? A world where food supply is stagnant and population continues to grow… and here we are, splitting minds up onto opposing sides… all over a debate on what somebody thinks somebody else was thinking about them.

    If you don’t think that’s true, than explain why you would reply to my post in a hateful and negative way. You’ll be able to spark debate on my personal educated opinions (some facts)… but whats the use?

    I wonder how many of you individuals that spiral simple instances into complex webs of lies I walk next to on a regular basis.
    The title mentions ogling dads and everyone jumps on it likes its a department store giveaway.

    Simply ridiculous.

    • Whether the dads were ogling the girls or not has not been proved, and you’re right that one constant in the stories is that she spoke with “Mrs D” – but there’s another constant, and that’s the idea that her dress was too short, even though it exceeded the regulation length stated in the prom invite and verbally communicated to the attendees. Being singled out for having a short dress, or even a dress that shows her figure, is appalling because it implies she needs to adjust her clothes for other people. There’s a lot of pressure on women to dress “correctly” because it distracts men, so whether the dads were looking or not, and whether the dads were acting inappropriately or not, is moot because she was still told to dress in a certain way that it not provoke them.
      The idea of rape culture is that men are unable to control themselves, and therefore women should dress in a certain way, so that the men are less likely to think, or act, in a sexual manner towards them. That men just can’t help themselves when women dress, or act, in a certain manner. Whereas the responsibility should be on men to control themselves so that women can wear what they want, and not be held accountable for someone else’s sexual thoughts. So the fact that her, regulation length, dress was an issue is a disgrace. Whether the men were affected or not, this “Mrs D” was enforcing the rule on their behalf. Clare was punished at a young age for being a woman and being confident in her figure, because of the worry that it would affect people.
      Whether or not you agree that the men on the balcony were behaving inappropriately is another discussion, same for whether or not you believe Clare was more aggressive or argumentative than she reports. You cannot refute the fact that there was sexism at work here, and the fact that it was a woman, or women, who enforced this sexism is horrifying. I think the way Clare sums up her post on her sister’s blog was perfect – that if you think she should take responsibility for other people’s thoughts and actions towards her then you are, indeed, “part of the problem”.

    • I agree. But sadly this is the internet these days. You may be intelligent and surround yourself with intelligent people but you have to realize that a very large amount of the population are ignorant, uneducated, and lack common sense. They’ve streamlined the internet to to make it easy for them to share their ignorance, which unfortunately they feel compelled to do every chance they get.

    • Love your response!

  • 1 person out of 500 sorry these women are not Christians at all they are fakes they ruined 1 girls prom out of 500 they had it in for her. Christians would not do such a horrible thing. Jesus Loves everyone they could have shown love towards her instead they became satan this is exactly what satan would do. Both those ladies need a lot of reprimanding love and they are probably not REAL CHRISTIANS just a
    bunch of wolves in sheep clothing.I was protestant once they are fake people and crooks they like to embezzle and go to court. Most protestants in general the men are perverts. Change to Catholic the men or women would never treat you this way everyone is respected. I noticed their reply at the prom they lied. Not Christian at all.

    • Actually, the adults’ behavior was textbook Christianity all the way. In Calvin’s Geneva they would have burned this little harlot at the stake!

    • Catholics are hardly perfect. My 11 year old son desperately wanted to go to a private Catholic school but was denied entrance because the admissions counselor got into a heated discussion with his grandmother. She took it out on my son by denying him entrance to the school, which devastated him and later led him to turn his back on the church entirely. I have no tolerance for people who talk the talk but don’t walk the walk. What kind of person denies a child a Christian education just because she dislikes one of his family members?
      This is not a religious issue, in my opinion. Rather, it’s a sexist issue.

  • Had you considered this? If the girl is right and the dad’s are lying and they perhaps were indeed perverted, then why would they have kicked out the girl they were allegedly turned on by or attracted to? Does that really seem like the actions of a pervert?

    To me, that sounds like some concerned parents that truly wanted to remove something they considered to be a bad influence!

    Let’s remember, you were NOT there! there are NO videos to prove the girls wasn’t dancing inappropriately as she was accused of by the dads… yet no one seems to want to address that topic for some reason?!?!

    Therefore the dad’s could be speaking purely and HONESTLY in their comments! there is absolutely NO evidence OTHERWISE! – Except for the fact that this teenage girl has already proven in her comments that she talks like an adult, speaks about herself as if she were an adult and uses provocative and foul language in a NATIONAL statement at only the age of 17 years old!

    Why is it not logical to assume that she probably dances and acts like an adult too? – Just as the Dad’s had accused her of? And again, if they really are perverts as the nation is calling them, then why did they remove the provocative dancer from the event? That makes NO logical sense whatsoever!

    When was the last time you ever heard a teenage girl that is comfortable with using such foul vocabulary in her speech, be modest enough to admit she was dancing provocatively? EVERY girl I have ever known or heard speak will defend her actions as they simply do not have the moral enlightenment or life experience to see the wrong in what they do or say,… And the words coming out of this girls mouth PROVE that!

    The ONLY evidence we have here is unfortunately stacked against this girl.

    • An attractive young woman is not a “bad influence.” It’s not a crime to be fit and healthy. Ridiculous.

    • One one hand you say she acts like an adult and then on the other you basically say she her actions are like that of a child. Pick a side because you can’t have it both ways.

      Swearing and twerking (that’s the new term for “dirty dancing” for those too old to know) are not actions limited to adults. Clearly you know nothing about modern day teenagers.

      The girl was HONEST enough to admit she flipped off the security guards after being made to leave. Why can’t the prom committee admit that THEY were wrong?

    • “concerned parents that truly wanted to remove something they considered to be a bad influence!” She is a someone, not a something. She is a human being not an object.

    • Hasn’t anyone noticed her boyfriend is black and this may have been the real issue? Her dress was fine.

  • I suspect this is likely a case of a pretty simple mistake. A girl shows up wearing a dress that fits the dress code but is not what those planning the event expected. If there were glimpses of underwear as some commenters have alleged, I could see why the ladies in charge would think she needed to go, dress code or no dress code. (I mean, I don’t know; I wasn’t there, but there ARE occasions when our outfits do no work out quite the way we expect them to, right?)

    The gracious thing to do would have been to let it slide, and change the dress code for next year if necessary. No, it’s not fair to the girl if she didn’t know what she did wrong, but I think if a private event is organized, planners can put whatever the heck they want in the dress code. They know what atmosphere they want, and while policing dress length actually cannot prevent lusting or whatever, it can set a tone for an event.

    So I’m not anti dress code, simply because that’s at the discretion of whoever organized the event. But consistency is the only way to be courteous to your guests.

    The “dads ogling” bit seems too speculative. I think that is sensationalist and probably unnecessary. I mean, maybe they were, but that’s something that is fairly subjective.

    This seems a lot more like a poor judgment call than proof that everybody there was perverted and/or slut shaming. Or at least there’s a possibility there.

    • I agree. If they feel they had an unintended consequence of their fingertip dress code, then they should have made a note of it for next time.

  • Is it just me or are we spiraling down an inescapable hole? Gone are the days of honest news with dogged journalists being accountable and presenting the results of their fact-finding. Now its just sensationalism — anyone is a reporter and everyone runs with one side of the story, a type of “mob justice” with the truth getting trampled and lost along with people’s reputations. This comment is not taking the side of the teenager or the dads — Brad’s comment hit the nail on the head. I shudder to think where our society is heading.

    • I see what you’re saying, but I can also understand people’s reaction to what took place. A young woman’s prom night was ruined, and her explanation seems plausible to those who’ve been involved with authoritarian, controlling spiritual environments or had friends who were.

      According to Clare’s sister Hannah, the family was involved with Sovereign Grace Ministries for a number of years. Like it or not, SGM has been described as a cult by many who’ve left, including some friends of mine as well as Hannah. SGM is also in the news this week for other unflattering reasons: Google “Nate Morales trial” if you’d like to learn more about that situation.

      I wasn’t there, so I can’t vouch for who is right or wrong. I can say that I saw the photo of Clare’s prom dress and didn’t consider it to be excessively revealing.

      Perhaps the best reaction would be for everyone to learn what they can from this incident rather than decrying the reports as “sensationalism.”

      • This is the most reasonable statement I’ve seen about this whole debacle. “A young woman’s prom night was ruined, and her explanation seems plausible to those who’ve been involved with authoritarian, controlling spiritual environments or had friends who were.” That hits the nail right on the head.

  • DA REason $hEE GoT Kicked Outiii O’ DA Prom WaS Cuz HUr D8 Was UH BlaQ MothafUCkUH.
    The reason she got kicked out of the prom was because her date was a black man.

  • FYI – not all home school families are Christian. Some are Hindu, Muslim and even atheist. Just sayin’.

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  • I’m a bit confused here. Is it the mere existence of dress codes that’s sexist? Because if so, than shouldn’t she have been protesting that? Also, it strikes me odd that people might consider all dress codes sexist as they seem to just be arbitrary rules designed to cultivate certain social spaces. As long as the dress code is evenly applied to both men and women, than it’s not sexist. If you were to disagree and deem all dress codes inherently sexist, than you’ve implicitly deemed all rules governing social places sexist, thereby makes the term meaningless.

    If it was a case of the dress code being enforced unfairly, than isn’t that more a case of a jealous and/or control freak organizer kicking out people than “the patriarchy?”

    Or perhaps the existence of dress codes and behavioral codes of conduct in general are ok, but they were too restrictive in Claire’s circumstance. If that’s the case, I agree. I think as a culture we’re overly prudish. However we’ve already (hopefully) agreed that dress-codes aren’t inherently sexist. It doesn’t make sense that arms length would be sexist, but 2 inches above or (above) would all of a sudden becomes so. I think that’s to conflate personal preference with sexism

    Or perhaps it was sexist that she was told that it’s a distraction to the boys. That strikes me as a sexist thing to say, but that was just a justification for the dress code itself and it wouldn’t have changed the outcome had the organizer used a different one. The girl would’ve been kicked out for violating policy regardless of whether she was told that “dress codes are for preventing distraction” or that “dress codes are chosen at random.”

    Furthermore, don’t all justification for dress codes fall on some continuum of other people getting disrupted by the way you dress? Isn’t that the whole point of a dress code? Someone showing up to a formal event dress in gym-shorts disrupts people’s ability to enjoy the event, for example.

    It seems people are drawing an parallel between this and rape apologists, but I think that doesn’t make sense because the student is implicitly entering into a dress-code contract by attending the event, knowing that a violation of the contract leads to removal from the event, whereas when someone gets raped, they’ve entered no such contract, implicitly or otherwise.

    At any rate, this whole thing has an extremely simple solution: lie about the dress code. I.E. Have the stated dress code be arm’s length, but the internal one be 2 inches higher. That way, people on the cusp have no problems, but people violating have no grounds for argument.

    • You seem to missing where it states that she was complying entirely with the written dress code. She measured her dress when she bought it and carefully compared it to the written guidelines she had been given to make sure that her attire was in compliance. Where it gets sexist–and super creepy–is the viewing balcony full of older men acting as Mutaween, allowed to rule arbitrarily that even though this particular girl’s attire was within the written guidelines, she was simply too sexy to be allowed to remain. This 17-year-old girl’s presence was causing an outbreak of “impure thoughts” among the middle-aged religious enforcers. This is the crux of the problem, and where the accusations of sexism–and plain old creepiness–come from.

  • It strikes me that it’s the boyfriend who is making the news show rounds. Score one for male leadership!

  • What is up with the title? Christian men? Where does it say that? No where probably just a girl who was pissed for getting kicked out for being an idiot, but really if its that big of a deal change the rules. 9 girls get kicked out and only one Blair these “Christian” dads. Smells fishy still she has a right to challenge the rules just don’t waste people’s time though.

    • The dance was for religiously homeschooled kids. The only dads in attendance would have been “Christian” ones.

  • So, as I have read more about this incident, I can’t help but wonder if this girl’s mouth is what really got her thrown out of the dance…..

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  • Is see so many problems here. First of all, back up. Remember the most important commandments. Love God as he loved you. Love one another as he loves you. He didn’t say anything about not loving because someone is a pervert, slut or any other reason. To the contrary.
    Other things that come to mind are that there are several sides to this story. None of which we are getting from the horses mouth because we where not there and never will be there. Then there is the telephone game. Do any of you remember the telephone game? The one we played in elementary school. The teacher would sit us in a circle, she would whisper something in the ear of the student next to her, they in turn whispered it in the ear of the person on the other side of them, until it got all the way back around to the teacher. Inevitably it was never the same.

    All in all. Sin is sin. Do you honestly think your behaviors in this forum is any less of a sin in God’s eyes than the one’s these individuals are accused of.

    Focus on the plank in your own eye rather than the splinter in other’s eyes.

  • Pay Attention to all the facts

    Not really buying the “pervert fathers” story as pointed out before why would they ask her to leave if that was the case? That’s just stupid.

    Two things do come of concern. 1 being her behavior from the responses and what others that were there stated about it. Sounds more like she may have been dancing a little inappropriately perhaps?

    If not that then I am surprised nobody has mentioned something that could be painfully obvious. Anyone notice the picture with her and her date? Anyone else think about “religious” peoples views on mixed race relationships? Just a thought there.

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  • This happened 3 1/2 years ago and is just know appearing on Yahoo news. I looked at the pictures and read the story. I didn’t particularly like the dress I don’t think it was her color or the right gown for a Prom. As far as meeting the requirements of the Prom it did.

    After viewing the pictures and reading the story I believe she was singled out upon entering the prom venue for more of a racist reaction then one of dress code. The young lady who is white was in the company of a black teenage boy. Were I live a mere 200 miles north of them this would not raise and eyebrow. In much of the southern parts of Virginia this is still something that is unacceptable , discouraged and very discriminated at even 3 years later.

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