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It’s Going to Be Okay: By Isabella

“I thought my growing up was normal. The spankings, the yelling, the verbal abuse, all that was normal. Crazy thing is, I thought I was the one messed up. You know, because I was depressed. And dealt with self abuse. And had panic attacks. I must be really messed up if I made dad mad enough to throw my laptop on my bed and threaten to send me a mental hospital.”

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How Not To Homeschool Your Children: Judith’s Story, Part One

“My parents started homeschooling me in the mid-90’s. Recently I asked about the factors involved that led them to homeschool, something I never thought to ask about previously because I always assumed it was for the stereotypical reasons. Turns out, they were not ever ‘anti-public school’, nor was it a matter of “we can better educate them at home.'”

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