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Bill Gothard: When People Know… and Do Nothing

“I’ll be honest: I’m more than a little bit upset right now. I think it’s because I’m finally realizing the full impact of the growing Bill Gothard sexual abuse scandal. The real scandal is not that Bill Gothard sexually abused the young women placed under his authority. The real scandal is that it could go on for so many decades while leader after leader covered for him.”

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Grace is For Gothard Only

“There’s a new Facebook page for defending the poor, persecuted Bill Gothard. It’s run by people who think calling Bill Gothard out for a history of sexual harassment and molestation is pretty much the equivalent of stoning Stephen or persecuting Jesus himself. But don’t worry your pretty little head about whether or not that’s legitimate theology. Just get back under your umbrella of protection.”

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On Feeling Betrayed, Validated, and Brave: Jeri Lofland’s Thoughts

“Last week a shocking new series of revelations appeared on the Internet, exposing Bill Gothard, our cult leader of days long past, for the pathological fraud he was (and is). Reading the story as it dribbles out in serial form has been surreal. With each installment, I can picture my bedroom in Oak Brook, picture window facing Gothard’s office across the driveway.”

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