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The Myth of Teenage Rebellion?

“I was constantly reminded that the increasing teen rebellion in America and elsewhere was the direct result of parents abandoning these ‘Biblical’ child training principles. Imagine my surprise to discover that there are entire cultures of people who use exactly the opposite of ‘Biblical’ parenting, yet produce teenagers who are cooperative and contributing members of society.”

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Jonathan Lindvall on the Women’s Suffrage Movement

“Jonathan Lindvall is the president of Bold Christian Living. He has spoken at many homeschooling conferences and organized ‘Bold Christian Youth Seminars’ as well as ‘Bold Parenting Seminars.’ He also presented ‘New Testament House Church Seminars’ in the U.S. and beyond…. I recently came across a quotation from Lindvall on No Longer Quivering suggesting young women should be ‘shielded’ from jury duty and that women should not vote.”

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“Biblical” Parenting, Part Six: Concluding Thoughts

“Being a parent is incredibly challenging, and the constant stream of conflicting advice about parenting only adds confusion to the challenge. There’s an extra level of stress for many devout Christian parents because raising upstanding citizens is not enough for them; they also desperately want their children to share their faith and religious convictions.”

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“Biblical” Parenting, Part Five: A Parent Who Isolates In Order to Control

“Of all the bad parenting ideas we’ve seen so far in this book, this one is really the last nail in the coffin. The parental suspicion, the extreme levels of control, the abusive spanking — this combination is very likely to lead to a severe family crisis. And when some members of the family reach their breaking point, they will tragically find themselves isolated from all other forms of support, advice, and information, thanks to Reb Bradley.”

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“Biblical” Parenting, Part Two: A Parent Who Assumes The Worst

“Many fundamentalist homeschooling parents, who are the primary audience of the book, spend far more time supervising their children and are much more focused on details. With those parents, these parenting techniques can quickly escalate from bad to abusive. With all of that in mind, here is my first criticism of Reb Bradley’s ‘Child Training Tips.'”

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“Biblical” Parenting: A Review of Reb Bradley’s “Child Training Tips”

“The small collection of homeschooling families who attended Reb Bradley’s church Hope Chapel along with my family had high hopes for their children. Yet in the dozen years since, many sincere and dedicated parents have seen all their work fall apart before their very eyes as their children reached adulthood, or even earlier. I am one of many who didn’t ‘turn out right,’ yet another disappointment to the former parents and leadership of Hope Chapel.”

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