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I Shall Not Live in Vain: Jael’s Story

“It was not so much homeschooling that traumatized me as much as my mother’s mental illness. This was hidden by homeschooling, and the pain that damaged me came from the constant exposure to her psychiatric illness. I feel like someone roasted me over a fire, leaving me with burns to rest the remainder of my life, and I didn’t even know at the time what fire was.”

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When Homeschooling Gets Crunchy: Darcy S.’s Thoughts

“Alumni like me have a lot to offer to the conversation of ‘new wave homeschooling,’ but I feel that often our concerns are brushed aside since ‘oh, well, we aren’t religious so we won’t have the same problems you did.’ But they already are showing signs of the same problems the original homeschoolers had, just from a completely different point of view.”

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