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Picking Up the Pieces, But Not in Twelve Steps: By The Prodigal Son’s Brother

“Today, I was denied treatment by a mental health facility. I set the appointment up through a crisis hotline a month ago, and thinking I was finally going to get help was the glimmer of light on the horizon … and I was denied treatment. They recognized that I had severe depression. They recognized that I was suicidal… But still they denied me therapy, because they said a prerequisite was for me to complete their 12-step-based alcoholism program.”

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Of Peers, Homeschooling, and Differentiation: By Gertrude E. Leigh

“A child who fails to differentiate will become an adult who is easily influenced by those around him. He may be a people-pleaser or an enabler. He will be susceptible to codependent and other dysfunctional relationship patterns. He will make an easy target for abuse. He may have difficulty making decisions… This is not the picture of a healthy adult. A failure to completely grasp your own autonomy cripples your life more or less severely.”

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It’s Going to Be Okay: By Isabella

“I thought my growing up was normal. The spankings, the yelling, the verbal abuse, all that was normal. Crazy thing is, I thought I was the one messed up. You know, because I was depressed. And dealt with self abuse. And had panic attacks. I must be really messed up if I made dad mad enough to throw my laptop on my bed and threaten to send me a mental hospital.”

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My Mind Wasn’t Lost, I Had PTSD: By Susannah

“Like the society in Shyamalan’s ‘The Village’, the world I was raised in had been hemmed in by fears: fear of God, fear of Satan, fear of persecution, fear of government control, fear of strangers or nosy neighbors, fear of vaccines and unhealthy foods, fear of ourselves. Though I had left that world years earlier, the patterns of anxiety were worn deep in my psyche.”

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I Didn’t Want to Be Broken, I Wanted to Be Whole: By Neriah

“I began to believe that my anorexia was a punishment from God intended to turn me toward him and my parents. It was my ‘pride’ and ‘haughtiness’ and my ‘lack of honor’ that caused me to come into such problems. Thus, if I listened to what God was trying to teach me, the hardships and pain of anorexia would be instrumental in my walk with God— and my depression and guilt and shame would go away.”

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