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When Mennonite Stories Are Your Only Literature: Sean-Allen Parfitt’s Story

“The only reading material we had were story books published or sold by the conservative Mennonite publishing house Rod and Staff. I generally enjoyed them, but there was a very religious/indoctrinating theme in many of them. In the last few years I lived at home, I saw the Mennonite teachings from these books make a serious impact on my mother and brothers.”

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Children’s Rights and Homeschooling: Patrick Farenga’s Thoughts

“Child abuse is a major, ugly issue that is difficult to discuss, especially among homeschoolers who are fearful of government intrusions into their lives. We tend to dismiss child abuse in homeschooling circles because most of ‘us’ are ‘good people’ or ‘good Christians.’ But the reality is there is some child abuse going on in homeschooling.”

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