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A Call for Inclusion in the Survivor Community: Sarah Henderson’s Thoughts

“A plural of narratives does not add up to empirical data. But it does add up to a plethora of narratives. As more survivors come forward and share their narrative, it will become harder and harder to reject each narrative as an anomaly. Denial of abusive homeschooling survivorship is a serious issue, and becoming elitist and selective about sharing stories contributes to the denial.”

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Stiff-Necked Legalism: By Chris Jeub

“After spending a good amount of time reading your posts, I began to see my first impression was not accurate. You’re a very interesting group of young people. I know, I know, you’ve been called ‘apostates’ and rebels of an ill sort. I’m sorry that some people — including me — jump to judgment. Don’t let that get you down. I am seeing a very raw and needed message to the homeschool community brewing, and much of it is coming from you.”

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Alternative Narratives On Germany And Homeschooling: An Introduction

“So much of the ‘news’ one hears these days about Germany and homeschooling comes from the same sources: Fox, The Blaze, World Net Daily, the Christian Post, and WORLD Magazine. Often times it seems like these sources merely copy and paste press releases from the Homeschool Legal Defense Association (HSLDA) rather than do their own research.”

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To Break Down a Child: A Call for Stories about Pearl-Style Discipline

“It is time for those of us familiar with the teachings of Michael and Debi Pearl to speak up and speak against these abusive methods. It’s time to show that the damage of the Pearl’s method goes beyond just a few parents who got out of control. It’s time to show that it’s justifiable for the Pearl’s teachings to be linked to these horrible outcomes.”

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Homeschooling, A Means to an End: R’s Story

“Homeschooling is just a tool, a method of instruction, a means to an end. All the positive homeschooling stories combine with the negative stories to show that. Like any tool, homeschooling can be misused and abused. It is important to remember this as we chronicle the stories of our youth: that responsibility does not lie with the method of instruction but with the instructors themselves, whether they be our parents or those our parents look to for guidance.”

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