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Adult Homeschoolers Speak Out: Part Ten, Are the Stereotypes Better or Worse?

“When I wrote my socialization post, I said that the Number One homeschoolers got was ‘What about Socialization?’ When I was growing up, this was actually the Number Two question. The Number One question I got when I told someone I was homeschooled was: ‘What’s that?’ Nowadays, everyone knows someone who has been homeschooled. But that doesn’t mean that stereotypes have gone away or even changed.”

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Adult Homeschoolers Speak Out: Part Eight, The Best Thing vs. What Was Missing

“This post is the ‘big picture,’ the reasons that former homeschoolers list as the best thing(s) about homeschooling. The second half of this post is the responses of these adults about what they wish had been different about their homeschooling experience. I hope this post encourages you and gives you some food for thought as well.”

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Adult Homeschoolers Speak Out: Part Seven, What About Socialization?

“The issue of socialization and homeschooling is so dynamic because, whether homeschoolers like to admit it or not, what they are doing is counter-cultural. It isn’t ‘the way’ most Americans are educated or how most adults learned to interact with the world. This is neither good nor bad. It simply is. But because it is ‘different,’ it may and often does present some challenges.”

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Adult Homeschoolers Speak Out: Part Five, The Highschool Experience

“The truth is, everyone goes through ‘crap’ during the high school years, either in public, private or homeschool. The struggles for public/private school students are often very different — and not just the ‘unholy trinity’ of sex, drugs and alcohol. Like it or not, homeschooled high schoolers still experiment sexually and are tempted by drugs and alcohol. But homeschool students often go through personal struggles that their non-homeschooled peers do not have to deal with.”

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Adult Homeschoolers Speak Out: Part Four, Academic and Emotional Experiences, K-8

“Emotionally, the numbers were a little different. 65% of adults (or 28 people) said that their emotional memories were good (‘I loved it!’) or that they had no memory of how they felt (2 participants or 4%). 30% (13 participants) of adult homeschoolers said that they struggled with negative emotions concerning this time in their lives.”

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