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Stiff-Necked Legalism: By Chris Jeub

“After spending a good amount of time reading your posts, I began to see my first impression was not accurate. You’re a very interesting group of young people. I know, I know, you’ve been called ‘apostates’ and rebels of an ill sort. I’m sorry that some people — including me — jump to judgment. Don’t let that get you down. I am seeing a very raw and needed message to the homeschool community brewing, and much of it is coming from you.”

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I Didn’t Want to Be Broken, I Wanted to Be Whole: By Neriah

“I began to believe that my anorexia was a punishment from God intended to turn me toward him and my parents. It was my ‘pride’ and ‘haughtiness’ and my ‘lack of honor’ that caused me to come into such problems. Thus, if I listened to what God was trying to teach me, the hardships and pain of anorexia would be instrumental in my walk with God— and my depression and guilt and shame would go away.”

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It’s Not Always Rainbows and Roses Now, But: Eloah’s Story

“I promised a long time ago that I would write something for Homeschoolers Anonymous, but it has been hard to put these feelings to words to pixels. I wanted so badly to contribute something positive, constructive, maybe even hopeful, to what I feared could well turn into a chaotic frenzy of confessions and self-justifications. But I also wanted to tell the truth.”

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Ninja Training: Chloe Anderson’s Story

“I would never give back that experience. The glue that held it all together and kept my parents from being dysfunctional task masters, or chronic busy bodies with a messiah complex was that they loved us kids and wanted the world for us. And they sought every day to live out a faith that convicted them to serve, love and empower. That is perhaps the greatest example that they left me. “

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Brainwashed Shock Troops

“Christian homeschooling parents, Michael Farris says, removed their children from the perils of Egypt (aka the public school system) and educated them in the wilderness (aka homeschooling them) in order to send them forth to conquer Canaan (aka take America back for Christ). This really is the entire point of Christian homeschooling.”

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