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About Those “Model Homeschoolers”…

“The reason most parents do the authoritarian parenting thing in the first place is because they believe it will result in model children and successful adults. They see children from these other homeschooling families that seem ‘perfectly well-behaved’ and who do ‘first time obedience’ and many understandably want that sort of awesomeness for themselves. What they do not understand is that this ‘model homeschooler’ or ‘model child’ image often comes at a steep price.”

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To Break Down a Child: A Call for Stories about Pearl-Style Discipline

“It is time for those of us familiar with the teachings of Michael and Debi Pearl to speak up and speak against these abusive methods. It’s time to show that the damage of the Pearl’s method goes beyond just a few parents who got out of control. It’s time to show that it’s justifiable for the Pearl’s teachings to be linked to these horrible outcomes.”

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