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This Road I’ve Traveled

“I could never do this. I could never put the fake smile on and pretend that I hadn’t watched my dad throw the breakfast dishes in the sink that morning because someone dared to speak back to him. I couldn’t stand by and watch my siblings suffer while no one knew what happened behind the doors of my family’s home.”

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Feeling Empathy for Christian Patriarchy Parents and Leaders

“The more adults I talk to or learn from who are walkaways from the Quiverfull and Christian patriarchy stuff, or even ostensible leaders or former leaders within it, the more I see them as not abusers and power-grabbers per se, but also victims. They often had harsh upbringings filled with authoritarianism and loss or were constantly uprooted, never knowing what to expect next.”

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Have I Forgiven Them?: Katharine’s Story

“My parents have apologized for things that never bothered me — criticizing me too much, fighting too much. I know they love me, but they will never see that their insistence on those rigid Christian values and their insular homeschooling, their need to shelter us, are the things that have harmed. They did not cause my little sister to become suicidal, but like a mushroom grows best in moisture and the dark, the conditions were there.”

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