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Relationships, A Series: Part Six — The Storm Starts Brewing

“It is really sad to read just how brainwashed I still was during this. A lot of my honest reactions weren’t until later, much, much later after the original incident. I still believed that my dad was going to do right in this relationship, I still believed that fathers were supposed to rule over their children’s relationships, and that it was my job to trust my dad and sit back and be a good girl.”

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Relationships, A Series: Part Five — To My Darling Clementine

“My parents didn’t seem to care, or give any thought to us, and the friends who were all buzzed about the drama to begin with soon gave up and the story was no longer a new and exciting piece of drama in their dull lives. One a small handful of people really stuck with me through the entire journey. This story isn’t just about Phil and I, it is also a sad reminder of all of the friends we lost along the way.”

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