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An Average Homeschooler: Part Four, Junior High

“Junior high is mostly when I started understanding how much pressure I was under. I realized that one of the reasons why homeschooling is considered superior to all other forms of education is that homeschoolers are ‘better-educated’ and ‘smarter.’ We test better. We’re better-read… And, in junior high, I became one of them. Suddenly, it was my job to convince everyone that I was fantastic.”

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Crosspost: That Was Certainly Not Something I Expected To Be Controversial

“‘Don’t put homeschool kids on the spot to defend their education,’ pretty simple, right? I figured that maybe a few people would see it and think twice before quizzing the homeschool kids they come across and some kids could be spared the general weird awkwardness of those encounters. So yeah, turns out that I’m a bad judge of what’s controversial.”

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