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Voices of Sister-Moms: Part One, Introduction

“Within this sort of isolated, dogmatic, and restricted environment where the parents are consumed by what they see as duty to “the Father,” the eldest daughters of Quiverfull families are enlisted as junior mothers to their own siblings…The drawbacks of the lifestyle to the daughters doing this constant care are numerous. They are only recently coming to light because, as these daughters ourselves, we speaking are out about them. That is the focus of this ‘Voices of Sister-Moms’ guest post series.”

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Excerpt: 10 Things I Plan to Tell My Daughter About Sex That Aren’t That Purity Movement Crap

“I have often wrestled with what I will tell my children (when my wife and I decide to have children) when they start becoming ‘sexually aware.’ It’s easy for me, as a newly married twenty-five year old to critique the way I was raised. But I feel that this article by ‘Jef With One F,’ recently published by the Houston Press, is one that I would pass on to my daughters when the time came.”

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