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The Embarrassment of Protesting Racism: Ariel’s Thoughts

“To see this response again is very disappointing. Voicing protest is an essential part of the democratic process, in preserving the integrity of an institution, and in applying critical thinking skills. To see an officially recognized non-profit organization silence protest, especially over a moral and social issue such as racism, is a great disappointment.”

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I Was A Problem To Be Ignored: Krysi Kovaka’s Story, Part One

“The next morning we three were nursing hangovers, but we drug ourselves to the motorhome and tried to pretend that we were fine. I’m sure that one or two of our fellow interns noticed, but no one said anything. That was the culture we lived in – pretend that everything is fine, don’t make waves, and ignore problems. I was a problem to be ignored.”

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A Brief History of Homeschool Speech and Debate

“Homeschool Legal Defense Association (HSLDA) began a homeschool debate league in 1996. Christy Shipe (then Farris), the daughter of HSLDA’s chairman and co-founder Michael Farris, started the league when she was a senior at Cedarville University. The goal of the league, according to Michael, was ‘to improve your child’s reasoning powers, clarity of thinking, and ability to stand for the truth of God’s word.’”

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