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How My Mother Homeschooled Me (Without Screwing Up My Life): Adria Murphy’s Story

“I want to lend my voice in support of those who have experienced abuse and hardship from the homeschool community, but the thing I do best with my voice is to tell my own honest story. So that’s what I’m doing. If you are a homeschool parent or considering homeschooling, let me share a beautiful example of wisdom and responsibility with you.”

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Ready for Real Life: Part Eight, Q&A Session

“The Botkins’ attitudes toward connections outside of the nuclear family were mixed at best. They did not place great value on support networks, and outright rejected support networks (i.e., homeschool groups, relatives) who espoused beliefs that differed from theirs. Girls were encouraged to funnel their talents into the home, rather than seeking university educations or jobs outside of the home.”

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