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It’s a Long Road Out of Depression, But There is a Road: By Lana Hobbs

“This is what depression looks like for me. I didn’t recognize it because I didn’t believe in depression… It was years before I finally got help. If you have unexplained sadness, exhaustion, and sickness, please get help. Medication isn’t really ‘witchcraft’ and therapy isn’t ungodly psychobabble. There is help and hope for a healthy mind.”

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My Mind Wasn’t Lost, I Had PTSD: By Susannah

“Like the society in Shyamalan’s ‘The Village’, the world I was raised in had been hemmed in by fears: fear of God, fear of Satan, fear of persecution, fear of government control, fear of strangers or nosy neighbors, fear of vaccines and unhealthy foods, fear of ourselves. Though I had left that world years earlier, the patterns of anxiety were worn deep in my psyche.”

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A Call for Stories for HA’s Upcoming Mental Health Awareness Series

“Mental health is a fundamentally important part of our daily lives. It is as important — and as natural — as any other type of health like dental or physical health. But when we are mentally unhealthy, we are often afraid to talk about it. We can feel ashamed. Embarrassed. Terrified of what others might think. Alienated. ‘Crazy.’ …We need to break this stigma.”

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I Am Not A Victim, I Am A Survivor

“There are times, like when I’m writing a post like this, that I feel much the same way I did that day: defeated, humiliated, like a victim, but then I remember, I’m a survivor. I fought, and clawed my way towards finally getting the right to start my own life, and won. I survived the toxic self hatred and ignorance of fundamentalism, and cast it aside.”

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