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Picking Up the Pieces, But Not in Twelve Steps: By The Prodigal Son’s Brother

“Today, I was denied treatment by a mental health facility. I set the appointment up through a crisis hotline a month ago, and thinking I was finally going to get help was the glimmer of light on the horizon … and I was denied treatment. They recognized that I had severe depression. They recognized that I was suicidal… But still they denied me therapy, because they said a prerequisite was for me to complete their 12-step-based alcoholism program.”

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Making My Own Way: Matthew’s Story, Part Two

“I witnessed first-hand the despair and hopelessness of many disillusioned homeschooling parents. These are people who, by and large, poured their hearts into raising Godly men and women. Seeing this convinced me that it’s best to adopt a “live and let live” parenting model and to love your children unconditionally!”

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