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Minnesota’s Celebrated “Homeschool Pioneers” Founded a High-Control Cult

“Minnesota Association of Christian Home Educators probably doesn’t want it known that some of their so-called ‘homeschool pioneers’ founded a high-control religious sect that fostered and hid criminal abuse. Nor does HSLDA want their members to know that the Twelve Tribes isn’t the only abusive high-control group their dues have gone to support.”

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Coming Out About My Unbelief to My Sister

“I’m really growing weary of the charade I have to keep up in order to remain in the atheist closet. I had been talking to my fellow ex-fundamentalist bloggers on Twitter about whether I should come out to my sister, who has always been there for me throughout my life. On Sunday, I was debating whether or not I should come out, but then lost my courage at the last minute. Well, finally, Tuesday night, I finally worked up the courage to finally come out to her.”

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