Mike Farris New President of Alliance Defending Freedom

CC image courtesy of Flickr, VCU CNS

By Wende Benner, HA Editorial Staff 

Michael Farris, founder of Homeschool Legal Defense Association (HSLDA), Patrick Henry College, and parentalrights.org, announced this week that it is God’s will for him to become President and CEO of Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF), a Christian “legal ministry.” The People for the American way featured the ADF in an article on groups that are “weaponizing religious liberty.” Farris states that the ADF has three major zones of commitment. The defense of religious liberty. The defense of human life. And the defense of marriage and family.” The ADF states they accomplish this by “changing the law and culture” and by “training.” One of the methods used to train young, Christians lawyers is the ADF’s Blackstone Fellowship. These mission and methods blend perfectly with Farris’ past activism and methods via HSLDA, Patrick Henry College, and parentalrights.org.

Farris will remain involved with HSLDA as the chairman of the board. He also will continue as president of parentalrights.org and Chancellor Emeritus of Patrick Henry College as well as remaining on the College Board of Trustees.


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