Worksheet Claims That God Allows Sexual Abuse: Part II

TW: Content discusses rape, and other forms of abuse.

CC image courtesy of Flickr, andy li.

Recently Homeschoolers Anonymous was given access to a worksheet from The Institute of Basic Life Principles‘ training center. It is titled ”Why Did God Let A Four Year Old Boy Be Molested By A Fifteen Year Old Neighbor?’. The Institute of Basic Life Principles is run by Bill Gothard, who is currently facing a lawsuit for molestation, rape, and sexual harassment. The Institute of Basic Life Principles has many training centers around the world.

This series will look at each reason and demonstrate how they are revictimizing.

If you’re just starting this series, please read Part I.


4. To transform aroused desires to Spiritual power.

When molestation takes place, sexual desires are often awakened. Sexual energy however can be transformed into spiritual power as we yield up the members of our body to the Lord on a daily basis and hide God’s Word in our heart. Scripture refers to sexual drives as coming from our innermost being and the apostle John states ‘Out of his innermost being shall flow rivers of living water’.

Editorial Note: TW, links will contain graphic images of assault and physical reactions.

This is an especially shaming item in the list. Essentially, Gothard is claiming that any sexual arousal experience during abuse is dangerous. This kind of message is harmful to a child because they might have experienced emotional closeness, or sexual pleasure from the abuse. The child is likely already experiencing confusion if they experienced pleasure but know that what happened is wrong. Adding the idea of sexual arousal being dangerous further burdens the child.

This can lead them to keep quiet about the abuse, because they feel guilty about the good feelings.

The fact that one’s body may respond favorably to rape is one reason survivors keep quiet. Victims may feel their body has betrayed them, because it confuses assault with pleasurable feelings. Gothard takes these normal body responses and makes them evil, reinforcing the victim’s feeling that they have been betrayed by their own body.

It is worth noting that the verse mentioned here has nothing to do with sex. John 7:38 says ‘Whoever believes in me, as scripture has said, rivers of living water will flow from within them’. So either believing in God brings about sexual desire, or, as we’ve seen in other cases, Gothard is just using verses out of context to prove whatever he wants.

5. To motivate him to write God’s word on his heart.

In order to transform this event into spiritual power, your son must begin to memorize large portions of Scripture and meditate on them day and night. As he keeps the Law of God before his spiritual eyes, he will fulfill the requirement of John 14:21. ‘He that hath my commandments and keepeth them [before his eyes] he it is that loveth me, and he that loveth me shall be loved of my Father and I will love him and manifest myself unto him’. See also James 1: 21

Here we have Gothard’s typical answer to everything: memorize large portions of the Bible. His belief is that if we do this, God will somehow bless us, protect us, guide us. It’s a setup. Never mind that we have a very young child who, developmentally, should be doing things like learning his ABCs and how to count.  He should be playing, not sitting and memorizing the Bible at all.

The verse referenced here places conditions on the love that God will show a person–that God loves those who love Him. Gothard further interprets “hath his commandments” to mean Bible memorization. Imagine if a young child were asked to memorize this verse after his abuse–he may come to believe he has to earn God’s love through Bible memorization. Pair this with the horrific abuse the child has survived, where it is natural to doubt love, to self-hate, to fear, to be angry, and you end up with a toxic mess for the child emotionally. What the child needs at this time is reassurance of love, therapy, and lots of freedom to express their emotions and needs.

6. To concentrate on God’s hatred of sodomy.

Since this offense would be in the area of sodomy, it would be very important for your son to memorize the law and testimonies which speak of this abomination. He should study the account in Genesis about Sodom and Gomorrah and he should memorize Romans 1 and all the other passages that directly refer to the sin of sodomy.

Let’s set aside the homophobia of this statement for a moment. This requirement is already problematic, but it is especially so when paired with the one above (memorize a great number of verses in order to earn God’s love). Surviving sexual abuse leaves one with so many difficult feelings, among them fear, confusion, depression, isolation, guilt, and shame.

Memorizing verses that all discuss God’s hatred of sodomy, which might have been what happened to the child, is damaging. Combine all of this with the blaming theology that is being created here, and a child is left feeling as though God hates them. When a child is taught that they first need to repent for not telling soon enough, then that they have not memorized enough verses, and further that they need to memorize verses about how sodomy is an abomination, they get the message that this is their fault, and that God hates them. Who can blame them for coming to that conclusion?

7. To confirm the importance of avoiding evil companions.

The book of Proverbs is filled with warnings to avoid evil companions, ‘Be not deceived, evil companions corrupt good manners’. ‘He that walketh with wise men shall be wise, but a companion of fools shall be destroyed’. God wants us to have contempt for the wicked as explained in such passages as Psalm 15, ‘In whose eyes a vile person is contemned, but he honoreth them that fear the Lord’.

This, too, is victim blaming. Going through this list, we have a repeating theme of blaming and shaming. Telling a child that they need to avoid evil companions places responsibility for the abuse back on the child. By teaching this, parents and authority are ignoring the fact that the abuser chose to abuse the child, and are focusing instead on the fact that the child was in the presence of the abuser in the first place.

No one is talking about how the neighbor in this example chose to abuse. This is yet another way Gothard deflects responsibility. It is never a child’s job to keep themselves safe, it is the job of the adults around them to create and maintain safe spaces.

The child may not have had any choice in this situation. But even if the child had been friends with their abuser, this still does not mean that they are responsible for the abuse. Children, people, have the reasonable expectation that their friends or acquaintances are not abusers. This is normal.

Teaching a child this verse will victimize them again because of its message that someone will be destroyed if they walk with ‘fools’. An abuser is no fool, they are usually quite savvy about their choices of whom to abuse. They are also quite savvy about how to appear like a good person. But a child does not know this, and thus is likely to blame themselves. They need to be told that they bear no blame, not told to avoid evil companions.


  • How are people like this not brought up on child abuse charges themselves? This is abuse! These poor children. This makes me sick to my stomach and livid! It amazes me how easily people can just throw an invisible blanket over something and say it’s gone and then use that same blanket to wrap themselves in and say ‘see I’ve done nothing wrong. God loves everyone’. BAH! I have to go stomach and rant for a minute now.

  • Loura Shares A Story

    As to #4, I didn’t interpret it the same way. It seemed to say to me that if one feels arousal during molestation or rape, rather than being dangerous, those desires can be turned into “spiritual power” for God. No less disturbing or wrong than the original interpretation, however, but perhaps more bizarre. It sounds like an abuser’s disgusting excuse: “You see, I’m really only helping you acheive spiritual power by hurting you this way.”

    As to the rest of this…I have a really hard time understanding how any parent could read this tripe and not see anything wrong. Victim shaming and blaming is right, and in this instance, the victim is supposed to be 4!!! Pure evil.

  • I’m new to this site and issue. I do find it interesting.
    Who exactly, (group &/or individuals), would use such a curriculum?
    And how is it used for “home schooling”? And tie in with State Curriculum requirements?
    Is this across the board Fundamentalist Christian or Born Again belief?
    Thankx for your reply.

    • upsidedownfishbowl

      welp, the Duggar family of 19 Kids & Counting (soon to go back on air) have openly supported Gothard/ IBLP/ ATI. so… there’s that! and, of course, their kid Josh Duggar is a child molester, so…

    • This is a part of Bill Gothard’s ATI homeschool program. This particular worksheet was used at a counseling seminar that teens in ATI attended.The idea was we were being trained to work with Juvenile Delinquents in the Indianapolis court system. I was only 15 when I was trained to do this work.

      To answer your question about state curriculum requirements, those vary from state to state, and most states do not have any requirements. This link has more info on each state’s homeschool laws.

    • Headless Unicorn Guy

      I’m pretty sure it isn’t an across-the-board belief — Born-Agains tend to be pretty anarchistic on the macro level, and Fundies are usually just control freaks with a Moral Superiority agenda.

      But this guy DOES have a cult following within that crazy quilt, being watched by this blog and many others. And like any cancer, it wants to GROW without limit.

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  • This is in reference to six. The notion that only males sexually abuse isn’t true. I was fifteen when a woman tried to rape me. I wonder what “lesson” god was trying to teach me? Was he trying to inoculate me for the man that tried tried to rape me (at gun point) four years later.
    I’m a man, both of these incidents had an impact on me for the rest of my life, neither of them made me want to memorize bible verses, what they did do though is taught me that no means no.

  • Headless Unicorn Guy

    Worksheet Claims That God Allows Sexual Abuse

    “Because if God allows it, then *I* can sexually abuse my young interns… in denim jumpers… with looong… waaaavy… haaaair…”?

  • Loura Shares A Story

    Someone shared this on FB today. I found the description eerily similar to stories on this blog (particular this article), and wanted to share and ask your thoughts:

    • Headless Unicorn Guy

      Maybe I’ve been reading too many watchblogs like this one, but I caught two possible alarm bells:
      1) It’s written in Christianese, with a couple buzzword phrases.
      2) The whole narrative can be fittedn into the Christianese Homeschool mythology of Secular Influences away from God and Persecution; I remember warnings along similar lines from Eighties Focus on the Family radio alerts.

      Not to say this is bogus (the family might actually be going through the crapper and they’re just describing an actual mess in Christianese terminology), but those two above points warrant further investigation. There’s a low signal-to-noise ratio out there for this sort of thing.

      • Loura Shares A Story

        Those were my thoughts too. I wondered if I was just super-sensitive to the language, but there seems a lot of pertinent information missing, particularly the age of the “teen” involved. The fact that the other 7 kids were under watch also made me question the story since it is usually difficult to get CPS to pay attention.

        But in regards to this particular article, the line about “she allowed” the men to take advantage of her, struck me.

  • Headless Unicorn Guy

    6. To concentrate on God’s hatred of sodomy.

    Naturally Teh Fag Card comes into play.
    These guys are SO predictable…

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