My Family Was Politically Active: Darren Jones, A Homeschool Dad’s Story

CC image courtesy of Flickr, Grufnik.

Our family didn’t get involved in politics until I was in high school. The first (somewhat) political event that we went to was a pro-life rally in our local city. Since that time, I try to get to the annual March for Life at least every other year, which my parents never did, so in that way I suppose I’m more politically active than they are.


I was only homeschooled my last 2 years, and we were somewhat involved in homeschool politics during that time. New Hampshire was moving from its regulation of “let the local school district decide” to the statute under which it currently operates. I attended at least 2 hearings where I testified in favor of the new bill, and once it passed, I helped do some of the background work on the implementing regulations. I’ve always touted this as one of the benefits of homeschooling, since it gave me an opportunity to work on an adult level with a number of very interesting and politically engaged people.


After I graduated, I worked on several state campaigns, doing mostly data entry. I got tired of working campaigns about the time I started law school, though – it’s hard work!


I’m glad my parents gave me the opportunity to be politically involved, but also that they didn’t push me into it unwillingly.


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