Doug Wilson Continues to Twist the Truth About Child Molester Jamin C. Wight

HA note: The following is reprinted with permission from Natalie Rose Greenfield’s blog My Naptime Journal. It was originally published on October 1, 2015.

For background information about Doug Wilson, Jamin C. Wight, and Natalie Rose Greenfield, see The Jamin C. Wight Story: The Other Child Molester in Doug Wilson’s Closet.

Once again the spotlight is being taken from the only place it has ever belonged.

Once again accusations against my parents for allowing a ‘secret courtship’ to occur between my 14 year-old self and my abuser have been plastered all over the Internet. Comments about my physical appearance as a young teen are being used to redefine the nature of the criminal activity. A severe and dangerous contorting of my story by people who were not there is taking place and while this means a very uncomfortable re-shaming for myself and my family, the deeper concern is what it means for future victims. The marginalization of a serious and devastating crime does not bode well at all for others who will suffer abuse in the future.

The church’s lack of acknowledgment of mishandling the situation and causing further devastation to myself and my family and to the individuals my abuser would go on to hurt is disheartening and deplorable. It is tarnishing not only Pastor Wilson’s reputation but the reputation of every pastor in the CREC denomination and every last member of those churches, for that matter. Another such pastor reached out to me earlier this morning, one removed from this particular situation, and he expressed his severe disappointment in how I and my family were treated and are continuing to be treated. He wanted me to know not everyone in the CREC feels this way and that there is serious questioning happening from within.

I have heard from myriads of others, some within the denomination and some not, who are appalled at the way sexual abuse within the church is handled. Personally, I have experienced a wide range of emotions concerning all of this but the overwhelming emotion recently has been sadness – sadness that a pastor’s gross misunderstanding of abuse, consent, and criminal behavior has resulted in such harm and shaming and will inevitably result in harm to others who are abused. I am sad that he cannot humbly admit wrongdoing and begin to rebuild a system which is broken, a system which perpetuates abuse and marginalizes victims, which in turn creates a ripple effect of devastation and pain.

Doug was not in my home when my parents discussed allowing Jamin to court me.

Doug was not in the room when they spoke about whether or not we should be allowed to hold hands. I imagine he may have something in writing from them, perhaps asking advice or seeking guidance on the situation and this may shed light on the foolishness and naivety of some of my parent’s choices. The fact that my parents trusted a dangerous and conniving criminal to respect the boundaries they had set is no secret and yes, it’s embarrassing. They have sought my forgiveness heartily over the years and I have unconditionally given it. But I would like to also point at that neither was Doug in the room when my father said, No. I am not comfortable with this. There will be no courtship. There will be no hand-holding. Do not touch my daughter and do not foster a relationship with her. Doug was not with my father as time dragged on and he began to become suspicious of Jamin. He was not in the hallway with my father where he sat on a chair in the middle of the night watching my bedroom door to make sure I was safe and protected. If only he had known my father’s heart, and yet he is quick to place blame on two parents who were deceived and manipulated by a calculated criminal.

The fact that my parents were deceived does not change the nature of Jamin’s crime.

The fact that my parents had moments of naivety does not merit letters from a pastor requesting leniency for a man who the prosecuting attorney called ‘a textbook pedophile’ and place a massive amount of blame on a father already broken by the news of his daughter’s abuse. The fact that I was beautiful and stood taller than my abuser does not lessen or change the sickening nature of what he did to me. The fact that I was infatuated with him and lived to please him does not mean that I was asking for it. Nobody asked for it.

In a response published on the widely viewed Christian publication, The American Conservative, earlier today, Doug calls what happened ‘sexual behavior’. A conveniently softened term for the abuse that took place.

Doug says about he and the elders, “we wanted him (Jamin) to pay the penalty for that criminal behavior, which was a species of statutory rape.” What Jamin did was severe far beyond statutory rape, though it did include that. Jamin targeted, groomed, and molested me for several years while manipulating and deceiving every other person around him in order to cover his crime. Jamin is a sexual predator in every sense of the word.

Doug writes “The reason we did not want it (the crime) treated as pedophilia is that her parents had bizarrely brought Jamin into the house as a boarder so that he could conduct a secret courtship with Natalie. So Jamin was in a romantic relationship with a young girl, her parents knew of the relationship and encouraged it, her parents permitted a certain measure of physical affection to exist between them (e.g. hand-holding), Natalie was a beautiful and striking young woman, and at the time was about eight inches taller than Jamin was. Her parents believed that she was mature enough to be in that relationship, and the standards they set for the relationship would have been reasonable if she had in fact been of age and if the two had not been living under the same roof.”

This paragraph is so full of untruths it makes my head spin.

I’m not sure if Doug is deliberately twisting the truth or if he is basing his version of events on incomplete information (my sincere hope is that it’s the latter), but these allegations are simply false. As I said before, he was not there for any of this. There were discussions of this nature but the truth is that Jamin and I did not develop and maintain a romantic relationship under the encouragement of my parents. It is false, and from where I stand it is dangerously close to slander. Additionally and most importantly, why the hell does it matter? These grandiose and desperate attempts to take the attention away from what matters and place it where it does not belong is truly frightening and it’s hurting real people.

Doug is spending an awful lot of time and energy saying things like this “But please note well: Things like her height, apparent maturity, and parental knowledge of the fact of a relationship are simply irrelevant to the morality of Jamin’s behavior. They are irrelevant to the criminality of his behavior. They are irrelevant to whether Jamin was selfishly manipulating a young girl, preying on her for his own selfish ends. They are irrelevant to whether it was statutory rape or not. But such things were not irrelevant to whether it was pedophilia.” when he should be spending time and energy saying “We messed up. We defended a really bad guy. I wrote to a judge and an officer on his behalf and it directly effected the outcome of the sentencing. We failed the victim, we didn’t extend to her the love of Christ and offer her the resources she so desperately needed. We blamed her parents disproportionately, we talked about her physical appearance and said it changed the nature of Jamin’s crimes. We are deeply sorry and we want to learn how we can educate ourselves and how we can do things differently in the future so that more innocent people are not hurt and shamed and subsequently driven away. We want to learn from this mishandled situation.”

Will that ever happen? I hope so very much that it will. I hope we can stop talking about the things that don’t matter and start talking about things that do, like how we can spot potentially abusive situations before they escalate and destroy lives, how we can educate our youth to have strong voices about their own bodies and sexuality, how we can create a system in which criminals are not readily trusted and given opportunities to re-offend, how we can foster an environment in which victims feel as though they are unconditionally supported and cared for, free of suffocating judgement and blame…This what truly matters.

Doug sums up the way he feels about his role in my situation “…it is also a snarl where it is possible to look back with a clean conscience.”

He has no regrets and clearly no intention of apologizing. He has twisted the truth. He has shone a light in a place where there is nothing of relevance to see, and in so doing has pushed into the shadows a hideous truth that promises to grow and swallow Lord knows how many more innocent victims.

That is the story we need to listen to. That is what we should be talking about.


  • Beyond frustrated

    “Natalie was a beautiful and striking young woman, and at the time was about eight inches taller than Jamin was.”

    He isn’t even saying that she was flaunting her beauty. He is saying that just because she God made her beautiful, she therefore is complicit in Jamin’s sin. This attitude about beauty had a huge effect on me as a teenager and young adult. Its so hard to explain it to people, but what has been effectively communicated, is that beauty is a sin. Something that God made, that the bearer has little to no control over, (trust me I tried to “cut my own nose off”, it didn’t help) is something that somehow makes them complicit in any and all sin related to that beauty. It is beyond infuriating that Doug Wilson is using Natalie’s physical attributes as mitigating factors in Jamin’s crimes. There is nothing mitigating to be found there. Beautiful women are not less worthy of respect and protection just because they “won the genetic lottery”.

  • Headless Unicorn Guy

    Another “Veddy Veddy” Clever Smirk from the Jerk of the Kirk.

    Take a good close look at the picture of short-eyes Jamin Wight.
    Study that expression.

  • Headless Unicorn Guy

    He has no regrets and clearly no intention of apologizing.

    He wipes his mouth and announces “I Have Not Sinned”.

  • Clearly Doug Wilson and Jamin Wight want to put the responsibility for Jamin Wight’s sexual abuse anywhere else than where it belongs, on Jamin Wight for grooming Natalie and sexually abusing her, and on Wilson for attempting to hide it, advocating for the perpetrator, and blaming Natalie’s father for Jamin Wight’s betrayal of the family’s trust. Wight will likely go through life thinking that he can get away with anything.

    • Headless Unicorn Guy

      Hence the “YOU STUPID SUCKERS…” smirk/sneer on his face in the picture.

      Great to have Friends in High Places (like that Bokor in The Princess and the Frog).

  • Bloody hell!

    “…her parents had bizarrely brought Jamin into the house as a boarder so that he could conduct a secret courtship with Natalie.”

    OK, he’s a sociopath. There’s no way he doesn’t know that’s a lie or at least a brazen & baseless assertion about something he doesn’t know. He claims to know Jamin was invited into their home *for that purpose*? Wasn’t this one of his own students whom he recommended as boarders to his parishioners? Oh, but here’s the real reason this family picked THIS particular boarder–really? What’s bizarre is a person coming up with such a notion and believing/saying that he knows it’s the truth, when–as Natalie says–he wasn’t there.

    OK, I guess I can think of one possibility that doesn’t make him a sociopath. JAMIN told him this–and he effing BELIEVED him. Is a pastor and movement leader that gullible? Or did the child molester’s spin and flattery find an echo in his soul, as the messy, inconvenient pain of the victim did not?

  • “Or did the child molester’s spin and flattery find an echo in his soul, as the messy, inconvenient pain of the victim did not?”

    Ding-ding-ding! We have a winner!

    • Headless Unicorn Guy

      “With a ruler, you can lay the flattery on with a trowel.”
      — Benjamin Disraeli, Prime Minister of England

  • Wilson’s own implied argument fails to exculpate his buddy: lets’s take a worst case view and (for the sake of discussion only) assume that Natalie was a Lolita; shouldn’t that have sent up red flags to a man who stated he felt called to the ministry and was attending seminary? Shouldn’t such a man have not only left the Greenfield house – that “flee adultery” thing – but himself approached her parents and church officials? Shouldn’t his church counsel – you know, the committee having oversight (vs overlook) of him – have expressed concern about the relationship? Wasn’t Jamin supposed to “be the adult” Christian rather than act like some deranged Islamofascist who excuses his rape by accusing his victim of failing to wear a burka? For all of Wilson’s bloviating about classical Christian education, this is the sort of bunkhouse logic he serves up. Pollo verso, Douggie.

    • To build upon what you’ve written, why didn’t WRIGHT approach both Jamin and Natalie’s parents to say that he didn’t think this was a healthy dynamic? At the very least he could have privately told Jamin he had to find another place to live. It’s not as though the man didn’t and doesn’t have far too much sway over his followers.

      Three thoughts:

      1) Wright knew what was going on and was enjoying Jamin’s activities vicariously (Jamin was supplying him with the details) and was actively complicit

      2) Wright had hoped to groom her for himself (or for some selected follower who would share the details with him) was upset that Jamin had gotten there first, but he didn’t want to show his @ss, so he threw his support behind Jamin rather than looking at his own motivations

      3) Wright didn’t have any direct sexual designs on Natalie, but he’s protecting his image by supporting Jamin – unwilling to admit that he was duped by Jamin. He may no longer by the most successful swindler of the bunch, but by god, he’s going to protect the new alpha in an effort to not lose any standing with those who are enthralled with him.

      Very creepy.

      • Not at all unbelievable given the culture of unaccountability in these personality-cult “churches” which share Rome’s love of illicit sex, perhaps for no other reasons than its illicitness and the joys of bending others to their will. When you have God in your back pocket you need fear no ill.

  • A man recently posted on Katie Botkin’s blog and her “Shame” article that he too was sexually abused as a boy by a student at Doug Wilson’s Moscow, Idaho, seminary, who boarded with their family (this is common among Christ Church and something that
    Doug Wilson advocates). “Anonymous” said that the sexual abuse went on for years and that Doug Wilson was “counseling” the sexual predator. Anonymous wanted to know how many other people at their church were sexually abused, boys and girls. Good question.

  • Here is a good 2+ hour training video, by Pastor Jimmy Hinton, about how to protect children from pedophiles. Jimmy pastors a church in PA that has been around for about 100+ years. The church is in the Church of Christ denomination (no affiliation to Doug Wilson’s church). Jimmy turned in his pastor-father at the same church for sexually abusing children in their church. Jimmy’s father is now serving a life sentence in prison. Jimmy’s mother Clara Hinton has the Finding a Healing place blog.

    Their family has now “connected the dots” and figuring out that the father was a pedophile now makes sense to them, the things they missed: offering to babysit kids, drive long distances to see kids, absences from their own family and on and on.

    Their family now advocates for sexually abused children and to protect children. It’s a unique, healthy position that they have taken. No denial. Accountability for the sex offender in their own family, without excuses. Refreshing!

  • Subject: Sex offenders, including pedophiles. This is an interview between Corrections One (a professional organization for the corrections industry) and Dr. Anna Salter. This is interview is broken in to 5 parts.

  • Attorney Richard Hammar at Church Law & Tax does a yearly list, after studying thousands of lawsuits every year against churches, and each and every year for years on end the Sexual Abuse of Minors it the No. 1 reason that churches get sued.

    Here is Mr. Hammar’s 2014 list of the 5 top reasons churches got sued:

    “1. Sexual abuse of minors (11.7 percent of cases). Sadly, for several years the sexual molestation of minors has been the number one reason that churches went to court. Victims in these cases generally allege that a church is responsible for their injuries on the basis of negligent selection, retention, or supervision of the perpetrator. Churches have lost many of these cases due to their failure to implement appropriate safeguards in the selection and supervision of employees and volunteers who work with minors.

    Incidents of sexual misconduct involving minor victims can be devastating to the victim, the victim’s family, the offender, church leadership, and the church itself.

    Because this issue remains the number one reason churches go to court, and because of the significant harm that can be done to children, their families, and church leaders, churches need to take an aggressive position on this matter. Churches must implement policies and procedures that demonstrate proper screening and training of staff and volunteers, proper processes for reporting actual and suspected cases of abuse, and specific attention to the types of arrangements and settings that the church will permit.” – Richard Hammar, attorney Church Law & Tax

  • Here is a helpful brochure on child sexual abuse in the church from Church Mutual, the largest insurer of churches in the United States.

    There is an epidemic of child sexual abuse in the conservative evangelical church that exceeds that of the Catholic Church (which has been litigated for decades, had arrests of sex abusers, prosecutions, and convictions, and has had to *change its ways*). The liability is so great, that more and more insurance companies are pulling out of the church insurance business altogether as they simply can’t afford these expensive claims.

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