Statement Concerning Our Rachel Dolezal Coverage

On June 16 and 17, we published two articles highlighting the alleged history of abuse and control within Rachel Dolezal’s family. Since Rachel was a homeschool alumna raised in a conservative Christian home similar to many individuals in HA’s regular audience, we intended these articles to draw attention to elements of the Dolezal story that the mainstream media had missed — in particular, that Rachel’s parents, Larry and Ruthanne Dolezal, should not be paraded around as innocent whistleblowers.

When we published these articles, we did not see that doing so acted as apologies and/or excuses for Rachel’s behavior. Our decision to publish them has thus resulted in excusing and diminishing her behavior as well as detracting from the fact that Rachel has deeply hurt many members of the black community. We apologize for this and we are grateful to the people who have contacted us to point out this blind spot.

As HA Community Coordinator, I take full responsibility for these failures. I am sorry for the pain I have caused to those affected by Rachel’s actions.

As we were in the wrong, we are retracting the articles. However, we do not want to erase or hide our mistake, so we have saved the article I wrote and its comments as a PDF here: Here’s What Joshua Dolezal Wrote About His and Rachel Dolezal’s Christian Fundamentalist Upbringing. HA no longer has permission to publish the other article or host its PDF version.


Ryan Stollar

HA Community Coordinator

HARO Executive Director


Co-signed by the HARO Board:

Nicholas Ducote

Lauren Dueck

Shaney Lee

Andrew Roblyer