Wisdom Booklet Archive Index

Nicholas Ducote, HARO Community Director
Eleanor Skelton, HA Editoral Team

This is our compilation of ATI’s Wisdom Booklet homeschooling curriculum. These versions are NOT intended for educational use, but for journalists and researchers who want to investigate the teachings of ATI in primary sources. Any interested parties are highly encouraged to read through our Inside ATI series and the growing collection of information on Recovering Grace.

Please let us know if you would like to see a specific volume – scanning them page-by-page is a time consuming and tedious process, and it took some months to put all 50+ volumes and parent guides online. The galleries can be difficult to read, so I’ve included compressed PDF versions as well. If you would like full-res versions of the PDFs (usually around 70 MB), email us at HomeschoolersAnonymous@gmail[dot]com.


  • Excellent initiative! The abuses of Scientology, and its downfall, started when its teaching material started becoming public. Therefore, making these ATI booklets publicly available is the best way to draw people’s attention.
    Just be careful not to get sued over copyright infringement….I’d suggest you ask a computer-savvy friend on how to proceed in order to protect your anonymity online.

    It’d be helpful if you can upload the “more advanced” ones, even though I realize it’s quite a bit of work to scan it all.
    I’m sorry I’m not a journalist, merely a random visitor who got interested in the potential abuses of some home-schooling practices.

    Good luck to you!

  • Loura Shares A Story

    Can you please explain how these booklets were/are to be used? For example, I noticed in book #1, there were columns and segments that addressed (somewhat randomly) language, math, science, history, Bible, etc. topics, but I am not clear on how often these booklets are used. Were they meant for one week, one day, or more?

    Since there are 52 of them, it would seem to me they would be used weekly, but the subject matter is so random and short, it feels like something is missing. Were these meant to be a full curriculum, or just a quick study?

    Thank you for your help.

    • It was meant to be a complete curriculum and the variety of subjects to be “comprehensive.” Some families supplemented, others did not. Not weekly, more like one a month was more likely. There would be many activities and reinforcing exercises along with each segment.

      • Loura Shares A Story

        Thank you for your reply! I am having a hard time wrapping my head around these monthly unit studies. On ATI’s website, it does recommend parents supplement with ATI’s English and math books, but just in book 1, the bias toward O.T. living was obvious, Scriptures were taken (sometimes wildly) out of context, and even the “academic” parts were so random and short as to be worthless.

        How many people have endured these books as part of their education? As their entire education (a scary thought!)?

        Here is a site where parents discuss the curriculum. I thought it had some interesting insights, you certainly won’t find on Gothard’s stuff. http://freejinger.yuku.com/topic/5078#.VwqagXpRUzI

      • It’s important to remember these are the first editions, so directions from ATI on supplements may have evolved since then.

    • My parents started in ATI in my 3d grade year. This was the whole curriculum. There were a few resource books from Bod Jones that wwrestling approved for use. But in my case, they were used very little. My education was basically just the Wisdom Workbooks. All 12 grades…

    • My parents started in ATI in my 3d grade year. This was the whole curriculum. There were a few resource books from Bob Jones that approved for use. But in my case, they were used very little. My education was basically just the Wisdom Workbooks. All 12 grades…

    • I’ve started looking into the ATI science and medicine sections from my perspective as a certified science teacher for secondary education.

      I have great compassion for any kids – and, honestly, any adult – who tried to home school out of these booklets. There’s no coherent progression through science topics, advanced topics are given without the background information that would be needed to make the topic understandable, and entire chunks are made up.

      With an advanced science education background, I needed to spend a hour on each topic trying to straighten the mess out for a high school student. God only knows how a parent was supposed to use them to teach the fight-or-flight response to a six-year-old.

      • I think it was expected that repetition would eventually get the more advanced concepts through to younger students.

        At least, when my family was in the program (back in the 80s-90s), it was expected that you would complete the curriculum in a couple of years and then start over again. On each successive pass, the kids would be older and able to comprehend more.

        When we were in ATI, there were no supplemental textbooks (beyond the religious materials published by IBLP), so we got more advanced math and science lessons from textbooks my parents found elsewhere.

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  • It’s been 12 years since I’ve finished all the ATI Wisdom Booklets and I find myself thinking about a lot of the contents I learned throughout my younger years. I decided to see if anyone had scanned some of the WBs online, only to find in utter amazement all 54 WBs!!! Thank you so much! These online resources are laying a legacy for the next generation.

    I’m all the way from Perth, Western Australia.

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