Ray Comfort Threatens to Stop Watching TLC After Network Drops Duggars

By R.L. Stollar, HA Community Coordinator

Ray Comfort, the New Zealand Christian evangelist who famously encouraged Kirk Cameron to become an evangelist as well, has come to the defense of Josh Duggar, the oldest son of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar who was accused of (and has somewhat admitted to) child sexual abuse and incest.

In a recent Facebook post Comfort says that,

I saw that The Learning Channel dropped “19 Kids and Counting” from their line-up, so we dropped The Learning Channel from our personal lineup. If they change their minds, so will we.

Here is an image of Comfort’s statement:

Screen Shot 2015-05-24 at 11.32.56 PM

Comfort’s declaration is clearly meant to imply that TLC went overboard in their response to the child molestation accusations against Duggar. And in so minimizing the significance of the allegations against Josh Duggar, Comfort sadly joins other Christian homeschool celebrities including HEAV board member Rick Boyer and Republican Presidential hopeful (and Michael Farris favorite) Mike Huckabee.


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  • cookingwithdogs

    These enablers are all disgusting. I’m an atheist and frankly, reading things like this, seeing how some Christians react to abuse charges by supporting the abuser and sweeping the victims under the rug makes me glad I am.

  • Who cares if one (or more) people stop watching TLC? Overall, the faithful viewers will continue to tune in. I doubt Comfort’s declarations has anyone at TLC quaking in his boots.

  • I’m shocked, shocked I tell you, that the religious conservatives are circling the wagons! It’s not like they did this for CJ or Gothard or… hmm actually I’ve lost count of how many times in recent memory. Blecch.

    On the bright side, maybe now more Christians will see Ray Comfort and co. as the horrible abuse-enablers and -encouragera that they are.

  • I love how Ray Comfort thinks he has any sway outside of his little echo chamber. All this declaration shows is that he’s willing to give support to unfit parents who care more about their sons being protected from repercussions for their actions than their daughters being safe from harm as long as the parents say they love Jesus.

  • Ray will have to watch something else while playing with bananas.

  • Headless Unicorn Guy

    Ray Comfort Threatens to Stop Watching TLC After Network Drops Duggars

    (Maud Pie voice): Taking his ball and going home. Woopee.

  • How can you condone him. And don’t give me that forgiveness crap. It was covered up. What about the victims?

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  • The Duggars owe lots of people apologies and I am (conservative) Christian and I am outraged by their arrogance and deceit.

    *Apology owed to the (woman) police chief of their city whom they maligned and wanted her fired from her job because she was required by law – A Freedom of Information Act Request by a media agency – for a copy of the redacted police report. It would have been a crime for her NOT to report.

    *Apology owed to the Arkansas Social Services who investigated their family for this abuse. Josh filed a lawsuit against that agency when he was what 19 years old? Where did he get the money and an attorney from? Oh yes, Daddy and Mommy.

    *Apology owed again for the Duggars getting another attorney for one of their daughters to sue an agency in Arkansas.

    *Apologies owed for the Duggars being responsible for their own SERIOUSLY messed up family and NO ONE else to blame.
    They emboldened their son Josh every step of the way.

    Knowing these abuses, they should have never had a tv program and they deceived people, pretended everything was fine, when in point of fact it wasn’t.

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