Josh Duggar Withdraws From Teaching Them Diligently Convention

By R.L. Stollar, HA Community Coordinator

In the wake of public revelations that he was reported for child sexual abuse, Josh Duggar has withdrawn from speaking at an upcoming Teaching Them Diligently (TTD) homeschool convention.

The convention, which will be held on May 28-30, 2015, in Sandusky, Ohio, will likely have around 7,000 attendees. TTD is a for-profit homeschool convention company run by David and Leslie Nunnery and a primary competitor with the other most-known, for-profit homeschool convention company, Brennan and Mary Jo Dean’s Great Homeschool Conventions. Notable speakers at the TTD Sandusky convention include the Benham Brothers (alumni of Bill Gothard’s homeschool program, ATI, just like Josh Duggar), James Dobson, and Ken Ham.

In a statement published on May 22, 2015, David Nunnery announced that Josh Duggar had personally withdrawn from speaking at the convention. (You can view the original statement here or as an archived PDF here.) The text of the statement is as follows:

Dear Teach Them Diligently and CHEO Families,

This is our fourth year running Teach Them Diligently Convention which is a ministry that God has used in miraculous ways in the hearts and minds of families across the country. The longer we continue our tenure and stewardship of this ministry, the more convinced we become of this single truth–that God is completely in control. He Reigns, and He is working mightily all around us.

Yesterday, we heard the completely unexpected news regarding Josh Duggar. Since then, Josh Duggar has withdrawn as a speaker at Teach Them Diligently in Sandusky. While we could fret or argue over what is truth and what is gossip in the recent media reports, we would rather change the focus for a moment to what God has in store for the families that will be arriving on Thursday for Teach Them Diligently in Sandusky, OH.

God never wastes these opportunities, and we are confident that God is about to do something amazing. Despite the disappointment and disbelief that accompanies news like we have heard, we have come to expect that through disappointments, we will witness God working mightily! As our family was praying both for the Duggar family and that God would show us His perfect will for TTDSandusky next week, we found that He had already been at work, and we are so excited to share with you what He has done.

T.C. Stallings, a Cleveland native who played football at the University of Louisville and starred in the Kendrick Brothers’ films TC Stallings in War Room The MovieCourageous and War Room the upcoming movie about prayer, will be stepping in to kick-off our event. He is a godly man who currently serves as a pastor in California. (Also, this veteran homeschool dad confided in us that he makes frequent trips home to visit Cedar Point Amusement Park.) We are convinced that God has specifically chosen him to lay the foundation for what God will do throughout the weekend.

With everything that has happened over the last few days, including  how T. C. Stallings was available on such short notice., there is no doubt that God has given a message specifically to T.C. Stallings that the families at Teach Them Diligently in Sandusky need to hear. You do not want to miss the Thursday 5 pm keynote!

We cannot wait to see you all next week in Sandusky!

David Nunnery

Not everyone supported Duggar’s decision to withdraw, however. In fact, some people were irate with TTD, thinking that TTD forced Duggar to withdraw. Examples of push back on TTD’s Facebook page include:

Screen Shot 2015-05-25 at 12.47.46 AM



Screen Shot 2015-05-25 at 12.48.35 AM


Screen Shot 2015-05-25 at 12.48.54 AM

Other notable people rushing to Josh Duggar’s defense include Christian evangelist Ray Comfort, HEAV board member Rick Boyer, and Republican Presidential hopeful Mike Huckabee.

One comment

  • Wow. Massive blast from the past. This Ann Stockdale Rannebarger person is related somehow to my 3rd grade teacher, Mrs. Stockdale (yes, I just checked on facebook; no, I don’t remember my teacher’s first name, my parents made sure that we always used formal address for adults; Mrs. Stockdale has since died; her daughter Mary was about 3, her husband was the principal of the school at the time that I was in 3rd grade). Wow. So glad that I got out of Fundamentalist Christianity–my heart and thoughts go out to the victims of Josh Duggar’s horrible evil.

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