Vision Forum Ministries to Cease Operations


By R.L. Stollar, HA Community Coordinator

Twelve days after Doug Phillips resigned as president of Vision Forum Ministries due to “a lengthy, inappropriate relationship,” the board of the non-profit has stated the organization will be closing.

In a statement dated today, November 11, the Vision Forum Ministries board explains,

In light of the serious sins which have resulted in Doug Phillips’s resignation from Vision Forum Ministries, the Board of Directors has determined that it is in the best interests of all involved to discontinue operations. We have stopped receiving donations, and are working through the logistical matters associated with the closing of the ministry. While we believe as strongly as ever in the message of the ministry to the Christian family, we are grieved to find it necessary to make this decision. We believe this to be the best option for the healing of all involved and the only course of action under the circumstances.

You can view the statement on their website here; we have archived a PDF of the statement here.

According to Julie Anne Smith at Spiritual Sounding Board, this comes “nine months after Phillips stepped down from his pastoral role as ‘teaching elder’ at Boerne Christian Assembly.”

Vision Forum, Inc., the for-profit counterpart to Vision Forum Ministries, has made no similar statement. Their blog post today is an offer to view a World War II film directed by Geoffrey Botkin. As of November 6, Doug Phillips said he “retain[s] ownership of Vision Forum, Inc.” Phillips also said he will continue “serving as a foot soldier.”

While the non-profit Vision Forum Ministries will “discontinue operations,” it is important to note the board “believe[s] as strongly as ever in the message of the ministry.” Indeed, while Phillips has ceased speaking and teaching engagements, the for-profit side of his ministry continues to sell his speeches and his teachings.


  • Was that “sins” (plural)? Apparently, Duggy knew more than one woman in “non-biblical” sense!

  • I would bet that Doug Made financial Sins and did a lot more than diddle some adult woman. There is A LOT that has to happen for these guys to shut down …. mere flirting wouldn’t do it .I am very Confident that the behavior was criminal and/ or so graphic and that there is had evidence against him•

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