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logoIf you would like to submit your own experience in the conservative, Christian, homeschooling movement, we would love to hear from you. Whether it is a story of evolving personally, suffering abuse, breaking free from a cult, or finding the strength to be yourself, we want to give you a platform to be heard and supported. You are welcome to submit either anonymously or be credited with your story. We place no pressure on you; that is entirely your decision. We understand that you might not be able or ready to speak out officially. If you need anonymity, we respect that and are still interested in what you have to say.

You are welcome to write a short piece or a long piece. We don’t place any restrictions on how many words or pages in length your story is. While we understand the pain and suffering that people have experienced (and we include ourselves in that experience), please keep your submissions kind and respectful, as well as thoughtful. Being critical is important and encouraged, but mean-spirited diatribes are not. We place no restrictions on language or swearing as long as you are not just being crude and spiteful.

Please send your stories to

If you need prompts for writing your story, the following questions might help:

What grades were you schooled at home? (ex: K-12)

What homeschooling networks were you a part of? (CHEF, ATI, QuiverFull, NCFCA, etc.)

What curricula did your parents utilize in your schooling? (Abeka, Bob Jones, ATI’s Wisdom Books, etc.)

Were you schooled with kin or in a cooperative environment?

Did your parents try to pass on to you a specific social, political, and religious ideology?

What is your level of education? If you attended university, was it a private secular, private religious, or public school?

What was your parents’ level of education?

How did your political beliefs change after highschool and why?

How did your religious beliefs change after highschool and why?

Would you consider your homeschooling experience traumatic in anyway?

Do you have any lasting psychological issues (i.e. anxiety, depression, compulsion, guilt, etc.) that negatively affect your life even now? And how would you relate those issues to your experience with homeschooling?

Would you describe your experience with homeschooling as overall negative or positive? (Take as much space as needed.)

We look forward to hearing from you!

One response to “Submit Your Story!

  1. I grew up home schooled by fundamentalist parents up to the time I went to Texas Tech University. I always had doubts about Christianity and never really had faith. I remember crying as a young child and when I was in high school because I felt unsure and conflicted about my salvation. I tried continuing to pretend my first year of college going to Campus Crusade for Christ. I participated in a bible study with them for a year and recited all the answers I knew they wanted to hear. At the end of the year they asked me to help lead a bible study. I refused because it felt wrong. I started having issues with depression and had more conscious doubting. My mother had me talk to the pastor about my doubts. He asked if I was independent as if my lack of faith was a result of my rebellious independent spirit. He asked if I would read some apologetic books. The idea that you can teach someone to have faith is wrong. If you could teach someone to have faith I would have a strong faith. Coming home was and still is difficult in a way. People at home assume I have been manipulated by a liberal education and I understand that way of thinking as product of their presupposition that I am not capable of thinking for myself.

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