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Homeschoolers Anonymous (HA) is a project of Homeschool Alumni Reaching Out (HARO).

HA is a narrative-sharing platform run by former homeschoolers. HA contributors are an inclusive community interested in sharing our educational experiences. While the conservative, Christian homeschooling subculture is the primary focus of our contributors,  HA is a clearinghouse for all stories about homeschooling from any people who have experienced it — the good, the bad, and the ugly.

As a part of HARO, HA’s mission is to improve homeschooling for future generations through awareness and education, peer-support networks, and resource development. HA specifically implements the awareness and education aspect of HARO’s mission. The HARO board believes that knowledge is power. To that end we publish personal stories and testimonies about homeschooling experiences, historical and sociological studies of the modern homeschooling movement, and analyses of the ideologies and leaders that have shaped homeschooling in the U.S.


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Our ten most popular posts of all time:

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2. Peter Bradrick, Former Executive Assistant to Doug Phillips, Speaks Out On Being “Formally Disowned” and “Declared To Be A Destroyer”

3. Doug Phillips Resigns from Vision Forum, Cancels Speaking Events, Due to “Inappropriate” Relationship

4. Home Is Where The Hurt Is

5. The Truth About Sheltering Your Kids

6. To My Sister and the Vision Forum Victim No One’s Talking About

7. The Many Valuable Lessons I Learned In ATI: Laura’s Story

8. Sex™ (and the lies I was told about it)

9. I Was An Abusive Homeschooling Mother

10. How American Homeschoolers Enabled and Funded German Child Abuse: The Real Story Behind the Religious Right and the Twelve Tribes


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